Become a certified quality partner

Impress your customers with flawless cleanliness

As a global company, we are always on the lookout for new distribution partners to provide the very best service to our customers in each region. Join us now and benefit from our many years of experience in the field of façade cleaning, unique cleaning agents and perfected technology. We are looking forward to a growing HERMES family with you at our side. What are you waiting for?


Made in Germany

To ensure quality for our customers, we attach particular importance to production in Germany. Our entire portfolio is manufactured in Germany.


Decades of experience in façade cleaning

Take advantage of the know-how gained from over 20 years of experience in the field of professional façade cleaning. As a quality partner, you can rely on our accumulated knowledge, state-of-the-art cleaning technology and effective cleaning agents.


From practice – for practice

We are the experts when it comes to professional façade cleaning. For more than 20 years, we have been offering façade cleaning in the end-customer business ourselves and have thus become acquainted with all the challenges facing façades and customers. As a partner company, you benefit from this experience.


High quality system

You can easily refute any objections from end customers, because our cleaning system is thoroughly thought out and has been tried and tested for years. This means there are no unpleasant questions for you, and what's even more important: you will prevail over unprofessional façade cleaners!


Continuous further development

We continuously invest in new technical and chemical solutions for façade cleaning so that you can always offer your customers the best possible services.


Effective cleaning agents

Use our specially developed cleaners with a clear conscience. All cleaning agents from HERMES are quality-tested and meet all legal requirements for ecological and sustainable application.


Own research department

While we are proud of our developments, further development is very important to us. In our own laboratory, our Head of Chemical Development, Dr. Daniel Jaspers (Doctor of Chemistry), continuously improves and develops our cleaning solutions.


Tested long-term protection

Our HERMES façade protection agent HFS, which is applied after façade cleaning, has been proven to delay new algae growth by 100%. You can enclose this study with every offer and score points especially with security-conscious customers.


Environmental protection

Our cleaning system is designed to be environmentally friendly and to guarantee a sparing cleaning process thanks to our own water circuit and filter system. This is one of the best sales arguments with public clients and environmentally conscious customers.


High market potential

The potential clientèle is increased especially by thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS). There is no end in sight and often new buildings are completely covered with algae or mould after five years. By quickly establishing yourself in the field of professional façade cleaning, you thus benefit from high demand.


High customer benefit

You solve an important problem for the customer: their home or real estate looks unsightly and has a negative effect on their well-being. In addition, you offer the service for a comparatively low price.


Sample psychology

Carrying out a free sample test area makes your sales talk a success. Customers will recognise the advantages immediately and the sparkly clean façade will speak for itself.


Convince public clients

Public clients in particular do not award contracts without solid waste water treatment. By using our system, you can stand out from other suppliers and more easily acquire orders.


Online webinar

Thanks to our specially developed online training program, it is possible for you to acquire specialist knowledge on façade cleaning from anywhere in the world and thus avoid mistakes in the application.


Free initial consultation

We will be happy to advise you about your entry possibilities in façade cleaning. We cordially invite you to visit our company in South Westphalia.


Test area

Try out our equipment during your on-site visit and gain your first experience with telescopic lances. Convince yourself of the quality and ease of use on the construction site.


Personal Contact

You can reach us daily from 08:00 to 17:00 – by phone or email. For short-term orders, as well as a service discussion with our technical staff.


Owner-managed company

The founder and managing director Sebastian Hermes as well as his cousin and managing director colleague David Hollnack are both actively involved in the company. As an owner-managed company, part of our corporate philosophy is to work closely with our customers and employees.



Become an expert in the field of façade cleaning. This still relatively unknown area offers you the opportunity to build a successful company and a leading position if implemented quickly.


Become an entrepreneur

We help you to become a real entrepreneur in the trade. Work towards your personal goals and put together a suitable team to make you all even more successful together!


Expand your business

You already have painter, plasterer or building cleaning business? Especially with these types of businesses, adding façade cleaning has an enormous synergistic effect with regard to previous experiences and follow-up orders, such as, for example, the painting of a plinth or window cleaning.


Efficient use of employees

Normally a maximum of two employees are needed at a façade cleaning site. A single-family house, for example, can be covered by only one employee. This means that you need significantly less manpower per site than in similar trades.


Fast order processing

Façade cleaning is faster than applying a new coat of paint. This yields more orders on the one hand and more stable sales figures on the other.


EnEV 2016

The Energy Saving Ordinance of 2016 and resulting increased insulation requirements for houses mean that the number of potential customers is constantly increasing. And this with a government subsidy!



As a quality partner, benefit from regular promotions and special offers for products in daily use on your construction site.


Cheap offers

Thanks to our cleaning system, façade cleaning can be offered to the end customer much more cheaply than a new coat of paint. The material costs are just as good value as the personnel costs. These savings mean significantly better value offers for end customers.


Your success is our success

Only if our partner companies are successful can we also be successful as a system manufacturer. For this reason, we are interested in ensuring that our quality partners receive full support at all times.


Sales seminars for your success

We offer regular seminars at our premises or in central locations in German-speaking countries. Sales techniques are taught and improved here.


Management consulting

Would you like to have your company examined? We would be pleased to establish a suitable contact with a specialist in this field. This specialist has a long-standing expertise in consulting and a lot of experience in façade cleaning.


Individual starter package

We put together your individual package, which is adapted to your requirements and your professional history. This will give you a suitable introduction to professional façade cleaning.


Aesthetics in all localities

Our incentive is to ensure that all buildings are clean and to positively impact the townscape in the long term. We need your help with this mission and will do everything we can so that you can carry it out with us.



We are a team consisting of motivated and experienced employees, working together as one. Together we are there for you – we promise!


Strong brand

The HERMES® brand is becoming ever more established. We continue to work on expanding this. Our partner companies appreciate the cooperation with us and especially with our cleaning system.

Strong system, strong partners


“It’s exciting! The system is exciting, the customers are exciting – the development of my company with Sebastian Hermes and his team is exciting and very interesting. The HERMES system as well as the chemicals are well-engineered and the customer satisfaction is breathtaking.”

Sascha Turek
(Managing Director „Die Dämmputzreiniger“, Osnabrück)

“I have been using the HERMES products since 2015 and am very satisfied with the results. The results after the three steps of the HERMES system are simply excellent and almost like a new coat of paint.”

Andreas Schwalbach
(Managing Director „Die Fassadenreiniger“, Berlin)

“It was a very interesting idea to add a second mainstay to our painting business. We have been using the HERMES system for three years now and we are very satisfied. It is very reliable and ingenious, it works perfectly all round. Furthermore, the personal contact is super!”

André Rother
(Managing Director „Fassadenwäscher“, Pirna)

"There has been no negative experience with this kind of cleaning. We have a more positive customer response than in the field of interior cleaning. It works perfectly and the work is fun."

Siegfried Broda
(Managing Director „AlgenTEC Fassadenwäsche, Broda GmbH“, Paderborn)

Gemeinsam sauber!