HERMES SteinSauer extra

The clinker cleaner for a radiant home

Many home-owners appreciate the unmistakable charm of a clinkered house. This type of stone façade has its own special flair, which must be preserved. As a professional façade cleaner, you are also perfectly equipped to deal with such challenges – with HERMES SteinSauer extra. Specially developed for use on stone surfaces, our clinker cleaner removes even the most stubborn dirt from house walls and makes them shine like new again. Expand your portfolio now and secure new target groups by cleaning clinker and brick façades.

Note: We sell our products exclusively to traders.

Various Variations

Size 20 l
SteinSauer Article number

From our own research and development department

“For professional façade cleaning, it is essential that the cleaning agents used are perfectly suited to one another and, together with the cleaning technology, form an ideal system. To ensure this, we at HERMES manufacture our own cleaning agents. Our research and development department produces efficient cleaning agents for our HERMES system. In doing so, we focus on continuous product improvement in order to make them even more effective, economical and versatile. So our quality partners can always be sure they are using the best possible cleaning agent for their façade cleaning company.”

Dr. rer. nat. Daniel Jaspers
Head of Chemical Development

Important notes

Safety notes

For the environment:
Due to the acid content, proper disposal of the waste water is more important than ever. There is no danger to the environment if it is used correctly and properly disposed of afterwards.

For people:
It is imperative to wear protective clothing when using HERMES SteinSauer extra. Otherwise chemical burns may result. Before use, be sure to observe the technical data sheet and the safety data sheet.

Application notes

Only clean small areas and work your way forward bit by bit. Allow a short reaction time of 10 minutes maximum. The product is not suitable for acid-sensitive materials such as metal, marble and glass.

HERMES SteinSauer: Usage


Pre-wet the surface, apply HERMES SteinSauer extra with the washing brush and let it take effect.

Rinse off

Rinse thoroughly with plenty of water, while collecting the waste water properly and carefully.


Prime absorbent substrates with HERMES AlkaliStar, impregnate with HERMES HFI if desired and properly dispose of the waste water.

More HERMES cleaning agents

Fassadenrein HF1 plus

HERMES Fassadenrein HF1 plus is an effective cleaning solution for removing stubborn organic dirt from façades.


HF1 plus visibly and rapidly removes organic dirt from the façade. During cleaning, special ingredients help to protect façade elements made of aluminium, copper and galvanised steel from being corroded by the cleaning agent. The handling, transport and storage is straightforward, as HF1 plus is specially designed for façade cleaning work. Subsequent after-treatment with HERMES Fassadenschutz HFS achieves a long-lasting cleaning effect.

HF1 plus is suitable for the following materials:

Plaster (mineral, organic and painted), concrete, clinker, brick, sand-lime brick, natural stone, fibre cement (asbestos-free only!), roof tiles of various types.

(The application of HF1 plus has no influence on any subsequent paint coat to be applied).

Ready-to-use cleaning solution:

Article number: 1010020
HERMES Fassadenrein - HF1 plus - 20 l

Article number: 1010060
HERMES Fassadenrein - HF1 plus - 60 l

Article number: 1010200
HERMES Fassadenrein - HF1 plus - 200 l

Article number: 1010640
HERMES Fassadenrein - HF1 plus - 640 l

Article number: 1011000
HERMES Fassadenrein - HF1 plus - 1.000 l


Article number: 1510020
HERMES Fassadenrein - HF1 plus-5 - 20 l


HERMES AlkaliStar is an alkaline universal cleaning agent concentrate with a strong solvent action against oily, greasy and sooty soiling.


AlkaliStar effectively dissolves atmospheric soiling adhering to façades, such as road dust and tyre abrasion. Special corrosion inhibitors ensure high material compatibility with sensitive components such as anodised aluminium, for example. AlkaliStar can also be used for car washing and for cleaning workshop and industrial floors.

Alkali star is suitable for the following materials:

Façade materials of all kinds, plastics, motor vehicles and metal surfaces.

(The application of AlkaliStar has no influence on any subsequent paint coat to be applied).

Ready-to-use cleaning solution:

Article number: 1030020
HERMES AlkaliStar - 20 l

Article number: 1030060
HERMES AlkaliStar - 60 l

Article number: 1030200
HERMES AlkaliStar - 200 l


Article number: 1530020
HERMES AlkaliStar-5 - 20 l

Fassadenschutz HFS

HERMES Fassadenschutz HFS is a disinfecting protective solution for the prevention of algae and mould growth. (Use protective agents for building materials carefully and sparingly. Always read the label and product information before use.)


This antimicrobial protective solution adheres to the façade and penetrates deep into the pores. It effectively inhibits renewed infestation of algae and mould and thus ensures long-lasting protection. HERMES Fassadenschutz HFS should be applied directly after cleaning with HERMES Fassadenrein HF1 plus.

HFS is suitable for all façade materials.

(The application of HFS has no influence on any subsequent paint coat to be applied).

Ready-to-use cleaning solution:

Article number: 1020020
HERMES Fassadenschutz - HFS - 20 l

Article number: 1020060
HERMES Fassadenschutz - HFS - 60 l

Article number: 1020200
HERMES Fassadenschutz - HFS - 200 l

Article number: 1020640
HERMES Fassadenschutz - HFS - 640 l

Article number: 1021000
HERMES Fassadenschutz - HFS - 1.000 l


Article number: 1520020
HERMES Fassadenschutz - HFS-5 - 20 l