What to do with the waste water?

The professional system for waste water treatment

Where façades are cleaned, dirty water is produced. Besides professional façade cleaning, this also applies, for example, to preparatory cleaning measures for subsequent painting work. What many people do not know is that in addition to dirt, the finest paint particles, plaster residues and, of course, cleaning agents also get into the water. To simply leave this waste water to seep into the ground is not only very ecologically dubious, in many regions it is even strictly forbidden to dispose of waste water in this way and subject to high fines.

As a system manufacturer for professional façade cleaning, we know what is required for professional and environmentally friendly disposal of waste water. For this reason, we have developed the ideal solution – lightning-quick to set up and flexible to handle. Yet another point to your company and a clear competitive advantage.

+++ NEW: HERMES VacuTronic +++

Waste water treatment done right

System roll-out

When conveniently rolled up, the HERMES collecting tray can be stowed away to save space and is easy to set up. The high-quality material is resistant to chemicals and guarantees a long service life as well as maximum flexibility in the set-up.

Fixation of the tension straps

After being rolled out along the façade to be cleaned, the foil can be quickly and safely formed into a stable trough with the help of the tension straps. Thus, the waste water running down is reliably collected.

Pumping off the waste water

With the help of the HERMES waste water pump, the waste water is pumped out of the collection tray. Destination: Either a container for later professional disposal or the HERMES Dirtbox for direct water treatment on site.

Ideally equipped with the HERMES-System

Collecting tray

Collecting tray for accruing waste water. Thanks to the flexible quick-release system, the collection tray can be set up in just a few minutes and the washing process can begin.



Volume: 306 l
Dimensions: 10.00 x 0.70 m
Weight: 24.00 kg

Article number: 6010003 

Volume: 150 l
Dimensions: 5,00 x 0,70 m
Weight: 12,00 kg

Article number: 6010004

Volume: 55 l
Dimensions: 2,00 x 0,70 m
Weight: 8,40 kg

Article number: 6010005


Waste water pump

For extracting the dirty water produced during façade cleaning.


The pump delivers 60 litres per minute and is equipped with a dry-running safety device.

Article number: 3030008

Suction accessories

Suction accessories consisting of: 1 x HERMES suction mat with suction nozzle.


5.00 m suction hose (3/4 with camlock coupling) | 25.00 m pressure hose (1/2 with GEKA stainless steel coupling) | Weight: 4.00 kg

Article number: 6040002

HERMES Dirtbox

For the sake of the environment – with the HERMES Dirtbox you always have your mobile water treatment plant with you. This not only eliminates cost-intensive disposal of waste water in a specialist company, but also simultaneously makes work much more resource-efficient. This immediately eliminates the question of where to put the dirty water and your customers will appreciate such a well thought-out and sustainable procedure.

The HERMES Dirtbox is suitable for installation in a van or trailer.

Good for the environment,
good for your business!

In our daily dealings with customers, we have noticed: There is an ever growing awareness and desire for sustainable, ecological services. Besides WHAT, our customers are becoming more and more interested in HOW. With the HERMES waste water treatment system we have a strong argument in our company’s favour. At the same time, legal obligations and professional disposal are no longer cause for concern. With this complete system we are on the safe side!

Alexander and Wolfgang Weber
Algenfix GbR