One team, one philosophy


"We love what we do!" How often have you heard this saying in a corporate philosophy? As a company that has its roots in façade cleaning in the 1980s, we are proud to say: we love to remove dirt from your façades!

How come? Cleaning's no fun, is it? It is the interaction of the different people, the colleagues, the suppliers and the customers who all enjoy the radiant shine of a spotlessly clean house façade. We love to see the enthusiasm of people looking at the trial area. We love to be outdoors and feel the freshness of nature. And we love the unbeatable feeling of effortlessly removing dirt from the façade, strip by strip.

That's why we want to keep on improving ourselves and making our customers' eyes shine even brighter with contentment and enthusiasm. That's why we work every day on new products, new technologies and new partnerships. We give it all for flawless façades, a clean environment and happy people.

Your Sebastian Hermes
& the entire team of HERMES Fassadenreinigung GmbH



Business handover of commercial façade cleaning and establishment as system manufacturer with professional quality partner network.


Expansion of our research, production, storage and training facilities with an area of over 2,000 m² in South Westphalia.


Acquisition and construction of our office premises, research, production, storage and training facilities with an area of over 600 m² in South Westphalia.


Foundation of HERMES Fassadenreinigung GmbH.

2010 - 2015

Development of a patented waste water concept by our Managing Director Sebastian Hermes.


Opening of the first company location in South Westphalia.

2007 - 2010

Development of chemical and telescopic lances, as well as increase of awareness through television contributions on N24, Kabel 1, MDR and WDR.


Foundation of the sole proprietorship Sebastian Hermes.

2004 - 2007

New construction of a second house washing plant incl. independent services in the area of plaster façade cleaning.

1988 - 2000

Services in the field of plaster façade cleaning at an external company.


Closing of business and sale of the house washing plant developed in 1981.

1982 - 1988

First plaster façade cleaning offered in the Sauerland region.


Father Alois Hermes designs and builds the first house washing system.